Saturday, February 05, 2005

Rape Lite: a Proposal to Make Consensual Sex a Crime!

This paper suggests that sex bewteen two consenting adults be made a crime if one later objects (think the Kobe Brant case, and our firm's own Romero case discussed below).

This proposal has proposed grave impacts on the state of sexual freedom in this country. Further still, the proposed law is at least paternalistic, and at most sexist. The contiuned prosecution of people in the Kobe Bryant or Carlos Romero situation is offensive to women because it once again seeks to portray women as weak, and incapable of consenting to sexual acts. It allows police and prosecutors to determine who is a "bad guy" or a dog (or Lothario) and essentially prosecute them for being "a dog" to women.

This proposed law is a disaster.

For more on the Carlos Romero case, which is a prime example of prosectuorial "white knightsmanship", click below:

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